Replace Linebreak in Excel

Just a quick note because this helped me a lot 🙂 To replace a linebreak in an excel cell: In Excel, choose Edit>Replace Click in the Find What box Hold the Alt key, and (on the number keypad), type 0010 This represents a line break in Excel. You won’t see anything in the ‘Find What’… Continue reading Replace Linebreak in Excel

Apache ODE modification framework

A little late I am now publishing the source code of the demonstration prototype of my diploma thesis. The thesis has been about runtime modification of BPEL processes. The modification is based on the svn trunk of Apache ODE located in and the revision was 805932 updated at 19. August 09. It shouldn’t be hard… Continue reading Apache ODE modification framework

Enable add-ons for recent version of Firefox minefield

I am using the trunk version of firefox a lot because it’s much faster than the current official version. Recently the preference to enable old versions of extensions in firefox has been changed: extensions.checkCompatibility has been renamed to extensions.checkCompatibility.VERSION With the current version being 3.7a or new 4.0b the preference key is extensions.checkCompatibility.3.7a extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b Setting… Continue reading Enable add-ons for recent version of Firefox minefield


This is just a public draft, containing mvc related links… Best Practices / Richtlinien Model-Binding entweder mit Parameter-Blacklist, oder über Whitelist Put your controllers on a diet Controllers should be really thin: they only accept an incoming request, dispatch an action to a service- or business layer and eventually respond to the incoming request… Continue reading ASP.NET MVC

Fixing VPN connections (MTU size)

At my workplace I had the problem that any outgoing VPN connection got interrupted after 2-4 minutes. We finally found the reason for that was the MTU size that some router was not able to handle without fragmenting. To fix the issue I followed those howto articles:

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