Restore trashed mails from dovecot maildir

To remove the “T”rashed flag from mails in a maildir, the files need to be renamed. I have also created a script which can be executed in the Maildir, searching for files and renaming the files:

automysqlbackup – Backup databases on server

The easiest way that I have found for an advanced backup of all databases on a web hosting server was using the automysqlbackup tool. By default the tool creates backups with automatic daily, weekly and monthly rotation. The backup files are being compressed and will be placed into your configured backup folder. Email notifications and a… Continue reading automysqlbackup – Backup databases on server

Install rails >=1.9.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 (for Redmine) with RVM

Quick reference on installing specific versions of rails on an “older” version of ubuntu without the need of having all packages in the ubuntu repositories. After doing so, you can continue to install redmine as described in This will fail if the environment is not set correctly – this helped me a lot:… Continue reading Install rails >=1.9.3 on Ubuntu 12.04 (for Redmine) with RVM

Kubuntu/Ubuntu 11.10 fix

Just a quick note: After updating to Kubuntu 11.10 today, Firefox didn’t startup anymore and the console told me: mattanja@tiger:/opt$ /opt/firefox/firefox bash: /opt/firefox/firefox: No such file or directory Obviously it’s a bug: The workaround & fix is to reinstall libc6-i386: apt-get install –reinstall libc6-i386

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