Must-have software tools

Spotify, Sublime, Cmder
Spotify, Sublime, Cmder

I’m starting to build my list of software that is the first to install on a new system:



  • Cmder – finally a really nice console for Windows with almost everything I’m used to from Linux, includes git command line and tab auto-complete (with ending slash 😛 )
  • (Clover – tabbed windows explorer – I’m experiencing some issues with clover and currently don’t use it)
  • Greenshot – advanced screenshot creation and editing
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (C# web development)
  • Ditto (Clipboard Manager)
  • KatMouse (scroll in inactive window)
  • 7-zip


The obvious (for completeness sake) and then some…

Software development stuff

Also a lot is going on in the browser I guess. These are some of the most important web tools I use every day:

Good practices/Training

Don’t use magic numbers

Quick note to start a new category on this blog: Good practices/Training

Everyone who doesn’t know what a “Magic number” in coding is, please quickly read this:

In some rare cases it might be allowed to use magic numbers (like 0/1 or in a circles calculation you may use 90/180/270/360 if it is clear why it’s being used). But in all other cases you have to explain such numbers – and the best way to do that is naming a variable or constant.


double angle = currentAngle + (angleSize / 3);

Why is this divided by 3?

angle = currentAngle + (angleSize / 3.5);

Why is this divided by 3.5?

The very least you can do here is add a comment with a short explanation.