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play! framework and Google App Engine

I just uploaded my first app to the Google App Engine – which is unbelievably simple with play! framework and the gae module. The application for my test is just 10 lines of code in the controller and all it does (for now) is to extract the URL of the latest Chromium Build from the download page.

The deployment of a play! application requires three pretty simple steps to be executed:

1. Download Google App Engine SDK für Java and extract the zip.

2. Install gae module

$ play install gae

Then the module needs to be registered in conf/dependencies.yml like this:

    - play -> gae 1.6.0

There is one more command I had to run to activate the module (which I don’t know whether it is always necessary because I never had to do that before):

$ play dependencies

3. Deploy and run
And then to deploy the app all there is to do is to run one command, insert Google credentials and the files will be uploaded to the Google App Engine and can be served only seconds later.

$ play gae:deploy --gae=/path/to/your/extracted/appengine-java-sdk-1.6.3

Et voilà: