Apache ODE modification framework

A little late I am now publishing the source code of the demonstration prototype of my diploma thesis. The thesis has been about runtime modification of BPEL processes.

The modification is based on the svn trunk of Apache ODE located in and the revision was 805932 updated at 19. August 09. It shouldn’t be hard to apply the changes to the latest revision though.

The source code is available in a 7-zip File containing the SVN checkout and the additional files required to run the modification service: apache-ode-modification-framework.7z

The modification framework provides some simple modification operations like inserting or skipping BPEL activities and modifying the value of process variables. The inserted BPEL activities can be provided to the webservice in the form of BPEL code as if this fraction of the process has been part of the process in the first place. The provided code is compiled using the default ODE compiler. With the current state of the implementation it is not possible to modify the specification of existent partner links or to create new partner links to use in the activities that are inserted. Therefore to use such a modification framework in a reasonable way, the given prototype would have to be extended to enable such modifications.